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Net::ICQ is now deprecated. See this news post for more information.

Net::ICQ is a Perl module that allows your Perl programs to send and receive ICQ messages. Perhaps the most obvious use of Net::ICQ would be to write an ICQ client in Perl. Some other uses that people have come up with are:
  • Allow a server or daemon to notify its administrator via ICQ when a critical error occurrs
  • Enable ICQ chat functionality where you'd never thought of it before: MUDs, IRC bots, etc.
Getting the module
If you just want to grab the code and try it out,
Download the latest official version here.

(Or, if you like to use the CPAN shell, you can install Net::ICQ that way too.)
Want to contribute to Net::ICQ? Read the Guidelines for Contributors before working on the code or submitting changes.

If you're just using Net::ICQ in your own perl programs, it would still be wise to join the mailing list, to keep up with any changes in the module. The mailing list is also the place where developers should ask for help with Net::ICQ, and the best place to report bugs. Oh, and you'll probably enjoy the...

User-contributed code archive
In the near future, we'll be setting up an area where developers can share example code and helpful scripts for use with Net::ICQ. Looking for the Net::ICQ equivalent of 'Hello World?' You'll find that and more.